What facebook need- Plethora of new features or improvising existing features?


Facebook has come up with a new feature namely, ‘Find Friends nearby’ , which allows one to spot the FB users in the vicinity who have chosen to use the service by logging in to its page. The new feature is quite similar to the service rendered by location apps like ‘Highlight’ which was quite popular in the past. However, the app and its concept has been a flop with its users. The technology which allows the users to run into their friends or even strangers has no real life practicality, to be frank.

However, it seem like that the social network giant has a different view on this matter as it acquires the company which introduced the Glancee app and which may be the harbinger of the new feature as well. Facebook is on a steady pace to become a feature creep which means the social networking site’s initial agenda of making the world more open and to give the power to share and connect with other peoples may get clouded by the plethora of features.

One can argue that being able to see where your friends are lets you connect with them, however, it is not something that the site requires at this moment. Some of the features that are need of the hour is the powerful management of the stuff that shows up on one’s wall and likes. The social networking site is working on integrating more and more features without giving a thought to removing those which are not quite useful. This is a clear indication of being a ‘feature-creep’.

The new feature introduced by the FB is a cool feature which uses the in-built GPS tracker on the smart-phone, however, it denotes the lack of focus on part of FB. The social networking giant must concentrate more upon its mobile app, especially the ios and android platform. In past, MySpace suffered doom, as it tried to offer one too many features and the users shifted to Facebook. Now, the history is being repeated as the FB users wonder if they can simply chat or connect with friends as they could in the early days of the social networking site.

With the launch of the trending videos and articles, FB hinted that its users might be missing out on some really happening stuff which the site is going to make available for them. But that is not how it should have been, rather, the social networking giant should have allowed its users to customise what they find relevant and match their interest.

The question that arises here is that whether the company should launch a feature at all if it is known that it would not be used much. Or should it concentrate upon enhancing the existing feature which it cannot do without rather than adding more features? Like everybody else these questions baffles me as well.


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