Jelly Bean on its way, anyone got a sweet tooth?


Jelly Bean, the next version of the Google’s operating system, is not version 5.0 but 4.1. The OS has made an appearance on the checkout page Google Nexus HSPA+ device on Google Play. According to the listing the device will be the first to receive the Jelly Bean update. The listing has come ahead of the keynote session of the company, 2012 Google I/O, scheduled next week and features a blurry screen-shot of the JB home-screen.

The new update will follow the large-scale design along with the heavy feature package that arrived with Ice Cream Sandwich update, however there is not much information available about the new operating system, Since long, the Jelly Bean update was pegged to be called Android 5.0 officially, however, the rumours that the next update will be quite evolutionary has been reinforced by the fact that it is just a 4.1 update.

The Chrome Beta, web browser which is available as a standalone app on Play Store for ICS devices will come preloaded with the Jelly bean update. The OS on the whole will be more performance oriented and battery optimal particularly on the dual core and quad core smart-phones. Google is most likely to reveal complete details about the same at Google I/O 2012 which commences on June 27, 2012. So, android lovers have another reason to rejoice, however, considering the trend of updates being pushed by the manufacturers on to their devices may cause a setback as was in the case of ICS with many devices receiving it as late as 9 months. That is quite a long duration I must say. Lets hope Jelly Bean does not traverse along the same course.


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