Developers to be able to connect with reviewers in app markets?


The introduction of AppStore by Apple was a turning point for all the mobile markets, however, the one way review interaction has been the cause of frustration for many of the developers. There has been a prolonged need to change the way review interaction works.

The developers who were present at WWDC 2012 of Apple, where the company announced its new iOS6 (you can read about the major updates that this new iOS brings in my earlier post) and Mac OS X, feel that that they should be able to interact with the reviewer directly.

The iDevice users will know that the reviews provided in the app description varies in accuracy and helps in deciding whether to go for that particular app or not. There can be certain false reviews at times and sometimes there can be issues that can be fixed just by toying with the settings. However, sometimes there are totally valid issues raised in the reviews, which the app developer must be already working on or have submitted a fix. There are many misleading app reviews with the likes of ‘best ever’ and the rating system cannot be ignored as well since they are not the clear indicator of app’s worth.

This can be illustrated using the Temple Run: Brave app, which has been developed by Imangi in collaboration with Disney to promote upcoming Pixar movie ‘Brave’. The application has just 4 and half rating on the AppStore, totally irrespective of the fact that the games comes loaded with stuffs imported straight from the movie as per the agreement between the game developer and the production company.

Its high time, that the Apple, came up with a two-way interaction system in its app review section where in the developers and reviewers can have one-on-one communication using comments within the reviews. The tech giant should also focus more upon the rater accountability factor which means only those genuine user who have bought the app should be able to post a review. At present the review system is like a complaint board where in anyone can post his views, however misleading the information is.

Google has already set a benchmark in this matter with the Chrome Web Store wherein the developer can post replies to the reviews and has announced that it will incorporate the same in its android app market, Play Store. Initially the service is being released to the top developers but will gradually be available with everyone who has a app hosted on the marketplace. The tech giant has already set the route in this regard and no the Apple Inc. only has to follow the route to get there. The developers are quite thrilled regarding the new two way review system but they have their own issues as well. Paul Haddad, the co-creator of Tweetbot feel that the concept is quite useful but it may cost extra to support an additional support system.

This two-way review system however is only a small part since Apple can conjure up a whole new community using the tools used in ‘Chomp’ where the apps can be shared and be recommended between the users. Majority of Apple users never look beyond the App store for their app need and it would be really helpful when they are looking at the description of the and they receive a recommendation from a reviewer who enjoy a good reputation. There is still months to go before apple comes up with its next iPhone, it would be great to be able to avail this kind of feature in the new device.


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