LG jumps on voice-assitance bandwagon with Quick Voice


It was only a matter of time before LG came up with its own voice assistance app after Siri from Apple and S-Voice from Samsung. The new voice assistance from the Korean company is called Quick Voice. It will allow the user to operate the handset just by speaking commands to it, just like the former two. This will ensure a nifty and nimble operating of the basic function on the LG devices like search, reminders, upload status on Facebook etc.

As per the press release by the company, it will assist 11 app initially. These include phone, contacts, e-mail, clock, calendar etc. Quick Voice will also help the owner to search on web, weather, stock quotes and location using verbal commands.

However, the only adversity in this case is that it will be limited to LG Optimus handsets available in Korea. The Yu model in Optimus range is expected to get the new feature in the last week of June and the Optimus LTE 2 will receive it in July 2012. The feature will come with the Ice Cream Sandwich update for both the devices. There is no news as to whether the company will launch it outside of Korea or if it will support searching local business like restaurants etc. There is also no confirm news if the Quick Voice will be male or female voice, like Siri which features a female voice. Company may also provide an option to choose any one of the two.

Samsung released its S-Voice with its Flagship Galaxy S3, whereas, Apple launched Siri on its iPhone 4S. However, Siri does not yet support any other language than English as of now and this is where it loses out to the Quick voice as the latter can decipher Korean but speaks in English.

LG also declared that it may stop producing the tablets altogether and may focus mainly on the smart-phones, so one can expect some big launch in android handsets from the company in near future.


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