iOS6 features which are useful but may go unnoticed


The company which has revolutionised the gadget world with the induction of the gadgets like iPods, iPhones and iPads, has hinted that the upcoming iOS6 will totally change the way one uses the iDevice. And its pretty evident taking a look at the released beta version of the new iOS6 that the iPhone 4S users may not feel the need to upgrade to new iPhone taking into account over 200 new features that the software upgrade offers. Those who are using older generation of iphone like iPhone 3G/3GS/4 may get tempted to upgrade to atleast iPhone 4S, as there is a little catch considering most of the features does not work on older iDevices.

It is rumoured that the final release of the coveted software will come with the launch of the new iPhone which is speculated to come by this year-end, however there is no specified date. The best feature that iOS6 brings on the table is the new updated maps. Apple has ditched the conventional google maps and has come up with its own Map app which offers much-needed reral time navigation with some serious 3D rendering and Siri integration.

More than 200 features would mean that most of them will fail to get noticed by the owner. Even Apple may focus upon the major updates and may bury the remaining features in the manual or change-log. This article is aimed at highlighting some of these features which may get ignored but are quite useful in day-to-day life.

The new iOS6 allows the user to reject an incoming calls in a number of ways, ensuring easier call back options later. If there is an unwanted inbound call, the new software allows the user to ignore the call and direct it to his voice-mail, reject it with a message or simply set a reminder to call back. This simple feature has been missing from the earlier iOS versions and was much-needed by the iPhone owners.

Another quite useful app is ‘Passbook’ using which the user can store everything from gift vouchers to flight tickets in an electric wallet. Simply speaking, it will allow the users to use their iDevice as the ticket when they book a flight ticket online, they simply have to scan the bar-code and walk-in. This may prove to be quite a useful and handy application for most of the business travellers.

Another cool feature that comes with iOS6 is the location-based reminder. If used, the owner will be reminded of the set event as soon as they enter the specified location. This will allow the software developers to connect with the owner within the app, every tine the owner visit their store. To illustrate, the Dominoes Pizza app will open up automatically when the owner visits a dominoes store and the store can interact with them in the app itself.

Another much-needed update comes in form of the spotlight which will now direct the users to the particular app in case they forget to which homescreen of folder that particular app belongs. The latest iPhone 4S and the awaited new iPhone will get the full-fledged benefits of the Siri. The owners of these devices will be able to post on Facebook and Twitter using the famed voice assistance API. There are many other utilities hidden in the new iOS6 which will only be revealed upon the launch of the final public release which means Apple fans will have to wait till fall of the year.


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