A possible iPad Killer?


In an attempt to pose challenge to the world’s leading technology firm, Apple Inc’s iPad, Microsoft revealed its tablet range christened as ‘Surface’. However, the OS giant’s PC partner and retailers may get more affected as compared to the threat posed to the iPad. This is due to the fact that Microsoft assures that through its new range of windows 8 tablet it will offer a tablet which will overstep all the tablets produced till date.

The leading OS manufacturer is planning to sell the new range of tablet exclusively at Microsoft stores and the online stores of the company. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Microsoft, stated that the company will launch two versions of its much awaited tablet including one that runs on a Windows Rt and other which incorporates Windows 8 Pro. Outdoing iPad’s 9.7 inch Retina display, Surface will feature an impressive 10.6 in screen. Speaking of weight, both models will be heavier than the iPad, which weighs 1.4 pound. The windows RT model weighs 1.5 pounds, whereas, the windows 8 models is 1.9 pounds. At 0.37 inches, the RT model shares its thickness with iPad, while, 0.53 is the thickness of the windows 8 version.

What differentiates the Surface from the iPad is a kickstand and covers that serves as keyboards as well, incorporated in Micrososft’s tablet. This means that those who opt for the Surface will have the extra convenience and comfort in typing and unlike iPad users they would not have to invest in an auxiliary keyboard.

Microsoft will offer 32 gb and 64 gb memory option with RT model and 64 gb and 128 gb onboard memory with the windows 8 tablet. There is no 128 gb model available in the iPad range as of now. The tech giant did not reveal any information regarding the price.

Ballmer promised, “This is a tool to surface your passions,”

According to the industry analysts, the new tablet range is highly unlikely to pose any threat to Apple considering the slow rate of growth and lack of interest on part of developers accounting to ill-developed app ecosystem on Windows 8 platform.

Peter Misek, Jefferies analyst, stated, “The most important factor in the success of a tablet is its ecosystem. Based on our discussions with developers, we find the lack of enthusiasm concerning,” He feels that to pose a significant challenge to the company which revolutionise the world with its iPod, iPhones and iPads, Microsoft will have to price its tablet range lower than iPad.


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